STERLINE Rechargeable Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer

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Sterline has an amazing personal toothbrush set. I've personally never heard of this brand so I was excited to get their product a try. My dentist suggested that I use an electric toothbrush because I seem to be brushing my teeth way too hard with a manual one. So while I was on the hunt for a new electric toothbrush, I came across the Sterline Sonic Pulse Toothbrush Set. This set seemed to have everything that I was looking for.

This set comes with one electric toothbrush handle and six brush heads. The handle has on on/off button along with three different modes: Normal, Soft, and Pulse. There is a light indicator for each mode along with a light indicator for when the brush is charging. I tend to use the soft mode mostly since I have a habit of brushing too hard. It's also a perfect mode for those with sensitive teeth. 

There are three styles of brush heads. The Slimsonic Brush Head has slightly unleveled bristles which help to contour perfectly against your teeth for a gentle cleaning. The Interdental Brush Head has a slim design to help clean between your teeth and the hard to reach places. This really comes in handy for those with braces. The Professional Brush Head is flat like most standard toothbrushes. The extra-fine bristles in the middle of this brush helps to reach uneven surfaces and between teeth while removing plaque. All three brush heads are great for everyone to use. 

I love that this set has a UV cleaning technology. The unit opens up so you can place up to four brush heads inside for cleaning. On the side is a hole to place the toothbrush handle in for charging. After brushing, simply place the brush head inside the unit and close the UV sanitizer cover. It will then begin to dry the bristles and start killing all those yucky germs. Toothbrushes can get very contaminated with a wide range of disease producing germs. The UV rays in this system will help to keep your toothbrush heads clean by reducing all the nasty bacteria count. So this is an excellent way to store your toothbrush.

This Sterline Sonic Pulse Toothbrush Set is a great set for teens and adults. I love how compact it is so it doesn't take up too much room on the counter. The four grips on the bottom help to keep the set in place. It also has an option for you to mount it on a wall. All you need is two wood screws which are not included. There are two indentions on the backside of the unit which allows you to hang the unit on the wood screws. 

Toothbrushing plays a very important role in everyday hygiene so you deserve the best. The UV Cleaning Technology in this system kills up to 99% of germs and bacteria. Never brush with a contaminated toothbrush again!

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