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AVBER Womens Fashion Floral Handbag

AVBER Womens Fashion Faux Leather Floral Handbag & Crossbody Bag Purse

This floral leatherette handbag by Avber is absolutely stunning! I'm a huge purse fan and I have a nice collection of purses. I have not come across a purse as unique as this one.

I received my handbag in a pretty pink dust bag with handles. Most dust bags don't come with handles. This is a great way to store your bag when not in use. You are able to put this purse in the dust bag and hang it up so the purse does not get damaged by things accidentally getting thrown on top. You can also use the dust bag as a regular bag because it is very thick and durable. The purse also comes protected and wrapped with tissue paper.

Hynes Eagle Signature Tote Bag

Hynes Eagle is a specialty bag retailer that offers a large variety of fashionable bags. They offer handbags, backpacks, wallets and accessories for Men, Women and Children. You are guaranteed to find a well-made bag for yourself or loved one. 

I recently experienced another captivating purse by Hynes Eagle. While there are many available colors to choose from, I chose the gorgeous light blue trimmed in black. The purse is made with synthetic leather and features gold hardware. This purse is a perfect size as it’s not too large nor is it too small. The base of the purse is 12” wide and it tapers off towards the top and ends at 10.75” wide. The side of the bag is 5.25” wide and tapers off towards the top and ends at 3.5” wide. The overall height is 9.5”. You can carry this purse like a tote with the two handles or you can attach the strap and carry it on your shoulder. The strap features a gold buckle and can be adjusted by using any of the four pre-made holes. It’s also trimmed in black and has very detailed stitching.

The Fricaine Duchess Shoulder Bag Giveaway


Welcome to 

The Fricaine Duchess Shoulder Bag Giveaway 

Deliciously Savvy is hosting another giveaway for 
1 LUCKY winner to WIN this fabulous bag from Fricaine! 

This gorgeous bag is great to cherish for those special moments and events! 

AVBER Western Elegant Bowknot Handbag

AVBER Western Elegant Bowknot Handbag, Shoulder Bag and Crossbody Bag Purse

AVBER Western Elegant Bowknot Handbag, Shoulder Bag and Crossbody Bag PurseThis Avber Western Elegant Bowknot Handbag is an adorable and fun purse. I ordered the white handbag. I love that it’s not a stark white purse so it doesn’t look cheap. The purse has great stitching and has some black trimming which gives it a high end designer look. It’s made from the highest quality faux leather. You are able to keep this purse clean by using leather cleaners.

My purse arrived protected in an Avber drawstring dust bug. This is great for storage and will keep your bag clean. The handles were protected with plastic covering. I love how this bag is shipped with lots of protection.

I immediately noticed the classy western bowknot. The 3D bowknot and all other hardware is gold. The middle of the bow is decorated in white leatherette with black trimming.

AVBER Quilted Shoulder Handbag and Crossbody Purse

AVBER Black Quilted Shoulder Handbag and Crossbody Purse

This Avber handbag is remarkable. The first thing that I noticed was the large drawstring dust bag with the Avber logo. I love having a dust bag so I can store my purse and keep it clean. This purse is made with synthetic leather and is very soft. I love the quilted design as it looks like a designer handbag.

The purses closes with a flap that has magnetic snaps. The flap is adorned with fake buckle and gold hardware. Inside you will find an amazing three individual dividers/sections that look like three huge pockets. These dividers are unlike other handbags. This basically looks like three purses are put together into one. Each section is approximately 8" deep and 9" wide. The fabric lining is very thick and durable. The back and front divider both closes with a single magnetic snap. The middle divider has a flat bottom and will hold more things. There is also a zipper pouch on the side. The middle section closes by a gold zipper with a gold slider. On the bottom of the purse you will find 5 round gold feet. I love a purse that has feet. This is a great way to protect the bottom of your purse and keep it clean.

CLAUD Pyramid Stone Handbag from MKF Collection

MKF Collection CLAUD Pyramid Stone Shoulder Handbag

This CLAUD tote handbag from the MKF Collection is stunning! The designer inspired purse is a great accessory to any wardrobe. It’s prefect for everyday wear yet classy enough for a night out on the town.

There are eight gorgeous colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Pewter, Pumpkin, Red, and Taupe. You are sure to find a great color for your style and fashion.